Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She's Makes Me Smile

31:-Don't try so hard; The best things in life come when you least expect it.-

Regret is the worst of human emotions. There is no going back with regret. There is no future with regret.
Regret is not something that I live with. If there's something that I wish I hadn't done, I don't do it anymore, or I forgive myself and try harder. My life is my statement, and I try to be true to myself and to other people. Whatever my failings are, they're human and I try to perfect them each day.
At no point in like are you going to be able to make everyone happy. So do what you want, be who you want to be, and don't let anyone tell you you're wrong for it. No one is perfect. So maybe before you judge someone you should first look at yourself. That is whats wrong with the world today. No one says how they feel. They always hold it in. If there sad, the don't cry. If there happy, they don't sing or dance about it. If there angry, they dont scream. Because if they do, they feel ashamed.
That is the worst feeling anymore in this world.
So everyone walks with there head dons, and no one sees how beautiful the sky is.
Obstacles are put in our lifes to see if we really want something, or if we just thought we did.

This is for every girl who talked about me in the corner of parties, to those who were my slap in the face. To the close minded; or misunderstood. To those boys that broke my hear, and the friends that turned out to be backstabbers. You have all challenged me to become the person I am, and who I want to be. I am stronger than all of the stupid things that you put me through. No matter how much you have done to me; You have Unknowingly done so much for me.
So thanks
I think I should win an Oscar for acting like everything is okay, when im really dying inside; dying from every time life takes a wrong turn and ends up at a dead end. I found out that some times you just have to realize that you cant have it all. You cant fix what youve done.
you need to move on and try to be happy, even if its the hardest thing you'll ever have to do. It requires more courage to suffer than die. Everything was harder than we ever expected or realized it to be.
Its so easy to get caught up in what people think and expect of you.
Sometimes you just lose yourself.
I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever find myself. The truth was getting harder and I was running from one problem to another. I felt pulled in all directions, like I was fighting to keep all of these obligations circling in the air above me. It was only a matter of time before something fell.
I remember when I use to be the loudest, happiest, funniest girl in the world Nothing ever got me down for long at least.
I smiled non stop
all the time. I still see glimpses of that girl sometimes; I miss her, she was a good kid.

We live in a world of worse case scenarios.
We cut ourselves off from hoping for the best, because many times the best doesn't happen.
But every now and then, something Extraordinary happens, and suddenly best case scenarios seem possible. Every now and again something, and its amazing. And against our better judgment, we start to dream again. Every single second counts. Every Moment leads up to now. Remember that.

[She moves with grace, even when she stumbles and trips. You;ll hear a break of laughter as she smiles.
Perfection is there, if you look past the first layer of insecurities thats where you'll see a person worth listening too. The person most people try and find themselves in. Thats the person that she never sees when she looks at herself in the mirror.
Not even close]

31(thirty-one) = Molly Layes

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