Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Because You Turned Me On

If you could give me or anyone one piece of advice on life, what would it be?

37:be happy and don't make things a big deal. life is made to have fun and not to be sad or regret or think about things that have happened that were bad in the past. ya you won't forget it but don't dwell on it or let it affect your life. smile more than anything

38:"your greatest weapon is your enemies mind"..haha random

39: i think it would be that life is really long and that its so long that no single event, moment, is going to effect it all at once, its to big, even something terrible, so dont stress, it may seem like the end of the world, but its probly not and if it is, well your not going to be around for much longer so have some fun

40: just jive. (in other words just havefun)

41: be diligent in everything you do

If you want to take credit, let me know.

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