Friday, October 17, 2008

Because it Hurts so Much More than She Knows

If you could give me or anyone one piece of advice on life, what would it be?

42: be selfless.
the rest comes easy.

43: Uhm
First of all
Trust no BITCH
I'll explain in a sec
so my cousins got a fire call to a jail to help this old ass ddude
and he had hella tats
on of them said trust no bitch
Naw but really
one piece of advice is this
Do anything and everything you want, unless it hurts someone (including you) or will affect your fuure negativley.

44: listen to the wise
44: i know for me
44: like everythin my dad tells me to do
44: and i dont
44: im like shit
44: i shoulda done what this fool said
44: and my grandparents too
44: just people that are older and have been through more shit than u
44: they just konw better

45: find your passion

46: dont listen to others, follow your path in your mind to whatr you want, but take others advice as a side walk,kk, not a street

If you want to take credit, let me know.

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