Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes! He Gets His Own Post. He Went for the Gold.

If you could give me or anyone one piece of advice on life, what would it be?

20: Well heres the advice, Stop conforming... now!, It's not just yeah me and all my friends wear vans and shop at pac sunz wearing only these type of bull shit clothes. But it isn't just about clothes, its about image... Why can't a person say outloud what they like to do to a person they just meet? well realistically they can
20: ... but they dont, why? because a guy feels better saying to a chick yeah i party and work out and just chill with my friends and watch a little tv, heleaves out he likes to read, solve problems because it makes him feel good after he accomplishes something and that he likes to cook pastries
20: it has somehow become cool to be simple minded, conforming, and dependent
20: im just getting to the poitn that i hate everyone that is just so caught up in being like everyone else, not just hte people that do it and eveyrone knows they do, but the people that think they don't when they really do
20: and don't get me started on the music conforming bullshit
20: i couldn't write that much
20: Another thing i'd like to add on to it or on another one tho is Every Day Is Exactly The Same. and people make it so, jobs make it so, school makes it so. People need to start changing up their lives in ways that it makes them
20: feel better about themselves. fuck what other people say, fuck what you've heard, its people's inapitude to think on their own. People need other people but, at the same time people need a place to think for themselves, think what their own ideas or beliefs are about. Lay down, take a deep breath, and just close your eyes and think about how you see yourself, and how you will be remembered
20: and there
20: im done

20(twenty) = Tyler Bump

If you want to take credit, let me know.

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