Monday, September 29, 2008

Disgruntled Sleep

If you could give me or anyone one piece of advice on life, what would it be?

15: i would say that no matter what you do or where you are
15: God will always be with you

16: dont listen to anyone else, or anything else but your heart. everyone else is just here to help themselfs

17: don't give up, don't look back, don't worry about mistakes you've made and just try to make up for it by what you do in the future

18: the greatest piece of advice....
18: love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and if you have accurate understanding of what love really is, then everything else will fall in line after

19: Try to love and respect as much as you can and admit it when you cannot.
19: (emphasis on respect)
19: to complement that piece: cynicism is weakness and boredom should be impossible

If you want to take credit, let me know.

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