Saturday, September 27, 2008

When Inspiration Attacks

If you could give me or anyone one piece of advice on life, what would it be?

1:pick a major you absolutely love

2: it sucks
2: wait
2: i changed that
2: seriously
2: instead of going green
2: go gay
2: think about it, that way you don't ever have to deal with girls

3:Live it to the fullest...

4: stop drinking

5: uhm.. just do whatever u want
5: as long
5: as it would give u a good result
5no bad stuffs

6: i guess i'd say wherever life takes you just dont fight the flow, go with it and watch out for giant protruding rocks

7: welll uhmmm dont breathe hairspray

8: Everything is a learning expierence and that we need to stop taking things for granted

9: life is one of the most precious gifts you could ever ask for. You only get one so live it the way YOU want to, not by the way anyone else wants you to. Live each day of you life like it was your last for you dont know if you will get another. Never dwell on a lost moment for there will be many more you will gain. Never fuss on the past moments for they are already gone. Just live, breathe, and enjoy it.

If you want to take credit, let me know.

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